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Thai Massage​ is inspired by Buddhism, Ayurveda and Yoga. This type of Bodywork is designed to wash out stagnant energy in the body through the 'sen lines', creating natural space for the body to heal. This is similar to the chakra system. In Thailand Thai Massage is used as a form of physical therapy to increase mobility and muscular strength.


Anna Simi is an advanced Thai Massage Practitioner combined with her years of experience teaching yoga this comes as a very intuitive offering. This is a 90 minute total body, fully clothed treatment performed on the floor on a polyfoam mat through a series of stretches with a focus on hips and hamstrings. If you like hands-on adjustments in a yoga class you will love this!

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Thai Massage Benefits

Benefits include but are not limited to:

- Improved circulation

- Flexibility

- Muscle tone

- Prevent bone degeneration

- Decrease stress

- Treat back pain

- Encourage positive emotional well-being

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