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Yoga + Bodywork

Anna Simi 
Yoga Instrustor 
Thai Massage Practioner

I believe in the healing power of breath and bodywork. My number one priority as a teacher is to hold space for my students to feel empowered to be themselves and feel confident in their bodies. My classes are infused with my love for bhakti yoga.

Outside of yoga I am passionate about music, spending time with family & friends, immersing myself in nature, traveling to new places and connecting with beautiful people.

I’ve been practicing yoga for almost 10 years and 7 of those years have been either on a mat beside Anna or in her classes.  I’ve watched her personal practice and teachings grow and flourish over this time.  For me personally, her class leaves me feeling peaceful and strong, which is hard to come by in a workout.  I’ve also taken what I’ve learned from her with breathing and just her motivational words into real life and use it daily. 
- Jaime 

Anna Simi


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